There are hundreds of new cases registered in HKSAR High Court and District Court everyday. Many of them are related to business and properties actions, such as Commercial Action, Small Claim Tribunal, Employee's Compensation Case and Company Winding-up Proceeding. They all would affect your every business decision.
infoLEGAL could assist you to identify all of your business partners and clients weather or not involving to any of those. Reduce the risk and to be more competitive in the market. The system combined with a hugh daily updated database and a user-friendly search engine. It would definitely make things easier and quicker!



Court Cases Include:-
High Court Action (From 1999):
High court Action
Admiralty Action
Bankruptcy Proceeding
Interim Order
Company Winding-up Proceeding
Commercial Action
Construction & Arbitration Proceeding
Administrative Law Proceedings
Personal Injuries Action
Miscellaneous Proceeding

District Court Action (From 1999):
Civil Action
Employee's Compensation Case
Personal Injury
Tax Claiming
Miscellaneous Proceedings

Specialised Courts and Tribunals (From 2004):
Small Claim Tribunal





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