We believe that, information is the most important issue in today's business. As an information provider, our mission is to gather all kinds of possible information. Well organized them and then put them all together into a professional platform.

As a result, we developed Infolink, a web based data search engine that provides both property incumbrances and legal cases data for a complete information services.

infoPROPERTY facilitated by the comprehensive Property Incumbrance search system, eValuation (process with our enormous transaction databases to provide the property valuation such value is able to truly reflect the most up-to-date market price ).

infoLEGAL has provide legal civil cases system from Hong Kong SAR. Combining these two major databases could definitely help our clients in getting the most important information easier and quicker!

infoTRACER, an active information notice system which scans and monitors thousands of records daily including property Incumbrances and legal cases, then send out email to notice our clients!

We believe our services could assist our clients to catch up the rapidly changing market in a quicker, easier and more cost efficiency way.





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