RADA provides a simple, fair, and user-friendly real property information platform. Our users having instant access to property transaction and property incumbrance information are vital to business success. Exclusive incumbrance details of over 80% of properties in Hong Kong, covering ownership, all kinds of mortgages, court order and building order etc. Daily updating and computerized automatic classification facilitate prompt and appropriate business decision-making.

Incumbrances Search
Properly incumbrance in a clear and detail printable layout. Help users to make the best business decision ever.

Transaction Search
Comprehensive Search feature allows you to search by property name, ownership(company), transaction nature and lot numbers.

We provide detailed transaction report and analysis to support our valuation

Estates Transaction Statistic
Statistic graph for all estates in infoPROEPRTY are based on all of the transactions after 2001.

Other Features
Building List íV Detailed electronic property brochure including floor plan, building specification, sizes and direction of each unit, etc.
Property profile íV Provide a clear look of all the units in a building.





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